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Ringdale Surveys is based in the SG8 postcode area and covers the Cambridge, South Cambs, North Herts and Central Beds areas.

Ringdale Surveys was founded to provide high-quality, independent survey advice for people buying a residential property – this may be your first home, next home or for investment.  The core values of the company are to put you, the client, at the centre of all we do and to deliver a comprehensive, individualised report providing all the information you need about a property to help you decide how to proceed.

An increasing number of Mortgage Valuations are undertaken remotely, meaning that a Mortgage Approval may be based upon nobody actually visiting the property! This cannot be relied upon to establish the condition of your proposed new home. Having an Independent Survey undertaken will establish the condition of the property.

Our personalised service allows us to establish exactly what type of survey you need to commission to meet your individual requirements from the surveying process.  Prior to the inspection, we will talk to you about any particular concerns you may have about the property.  We will also talk you through the inspection process so we can be aware of any specific questions you may have about the property and ensure these are fully covered in both the inspection process and the drafting of your final report.

We are an RICS Regulated Firm and are also a member of the Residential Property Surveyors Association (RPSA).

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After the inspection and the issuing of your final report, we are more than happy to talk you through it to ensure you understand the content and have an opportunity to ask about anything that is unclear.  This should ensure that you have a full and detailed picture of the condition of the property, an awareness of any defects or areas for concern allowing you to move forward with confidence.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors require Surveyors to adequately reflect on the findings of every property inspection they undertake. Ringdale Surveys considers this to be an essential part of delivering a quality service, ensuring that the best advice is given to you, the Client, in your final report.

As a consequence, inspection reports will take a few days to be produced and we do not provide same day/next day reports.  Buying a property is a huge financial commitment and hastily produced reports do not allow time for reflection and, as a result, may be flawed or incomplete.

The company is owned and run by Edward Belson, a Chartered Surveyor with over 20 years of in-depth experience surveying residential properties in and around  South Cambridgeshire, North Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Bedfordshire and Essex areas.

Edward was born in Cambridge and grew up in the South Cambridgeshire villages where he still lives, and has worked in this area his entire surveying career. Given his experience in the area, you can have confidence in his extensive local knowledge of the area and experience of surveying the broad range of property types there.

Edward has worked for a variety of surveying companies over the years and has experience of providing advice to both commercial and private Clients, focusing exclusively on residential property.

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Level 3 Report
Level 3 Survey Report

Edward Belson