Level 3 Reports

Level 3 Report
Level 3 Survey
Level 3 Survey Report
Level 3 Survey Report

Level 3 Reports (Formerly known as the Building Survey)

This type of survey is most suited to older properties generally built before 1930 after which modern building methods became widely used, where the property is in very poor condition or where a number of extensions have been added and provided opportunities for things to go wrong.

This is a more extensive investigation of the property and will involve desktop investigations prior to the inspection, deeper investigation into any issues noted during the course of our inspection and will attempt to provide you with an analysis of the cause of any issues of concern found.

Future maintenance items will be identified along with recommendations for items that require improvement.

Condition surveys are not all about identifying defects – we will also tell you what elements are in good condition and should not be a cause for concern.

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